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Thermal-X 4,500$

Face Lift Treatment

Combat. Firm. Boost.
Dermalactives’ Thermal X Collection is the perfect age-defying combination that targets fine lines and wrinkles with an easy 3 step process. First, start off with the Thermal X Heating Mask, this step was created using natural oils to work as active agents. A warm sensation will occur, meaning the heated ingredients are opening up your pores and finding their way into the deeper layers of your skin. In order to get an even greater warm sensation apply the Age-Defying Serum on top of the mask. This will show radiant results within minutes. Last, cleanse face of mask & serum and then apply the Age-Defying Cream, this cream will help maintain the firmness and luminosity of the Mask & Serum. As a result of the Thermal X Collection your skin will look more radiant & fresh.

Thermal-X: Projects
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