N e r i a   M e d

Medical Technologies

At NeriA Medical Technologies, we bring together the latest technological leaps and scientific innovations to create potent skincare solutions and dynamic tools that are redefining the beauty industry. We recognizes that our remarkable success is a reflection of your happiness with our easy-to-use instruments that help to produce healthy, youthful, and glowing skin. Our most recent breakthrough technologies a revolutionary anti-ageing and skin-repairing device that combines four scientifically-proven treatments—galvanic technology, ultrasound stimulation, LED light therapy, and vibrating massage. Together these treatments work to rejuvenate skin by smoothing out facial wrinkles, tightening facial muscles, boosting blood circulation, and stimulating new skin cell production with one powerful, hand-held tool. The combined effects of technologies are so dramatic that it’s been called a non-surgical facelift. They also helps to clear up acne-prone skin.



Radiofrequency (RF) energy treatment is technology for non-surgical tightening of the early signs of loose or sagging skin; ideal for those people who either don’t want, or don’t believe they are old enough to have a surgical procedure. Pure RF energy alone is primarily used to treat skin laxity by facial tightening, and is best suited to patients with mild to moderate sagging of facial tissues, usually those in their mid 30s to 50s, with any skin colour. It is commonly used to treat the forehead, under the eyes, cheeks, mid-face, jaw line, and neck. Based on current RF technologies, most people should see at least a mild improvement in their skin tightness, with minimal risks and downtime compared to surgery. Prices for radiofrequency facial tightening treatment depend on the area(s) treated and the device used.


Photon Therapy 

Using natural light waves, photon LED technology promotes a more radiant complexion by energising skin cells--enhancing blood circulation, increasing oxygen supply to cells, strengthening skin tissues, and improving cell metabolism to give an overall glow. To maximise the effects, DERMISONIC employs three different types of LED light waves: the red light triggers anti-ageing actions by stimulating collagen production; the blue light fights acne-causing bacteria; the green light helps to balance skin pigmentation, improve skin tone, and minimize redness.


Therapeutic UltraSonic

A safe and scientifically-proven method of eliminating dead skin cells and activating cells’ natural electrical charges, ultrasonic treatments use inaudible sound waves to gently and painlessly repair, cleanse, and stimulate the skin. Ideal for those with rosacea or sensitive, sun-damaged, ageing, and acne-prone skin, the ultrasonic function of DERMISONIC works to increase cellular turnover, plump up and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, tighten drooping skin, improve acne, shrink enlarged pores, minimize puffy eyes, and to fade dark eye circles, freckles, and old-age spots; ultrasonic treatments can even help to repair scar damage.