Neria Professional

How To Use

1. Syringe

A. Use a minimal amount (half a pump for both eyes) before events/ going out.

It can be applied under non-liquid makeup or mixed with liquid makeup before application.

B. Allow Syringe to dry. Once it is dry, apply a thin layer of Moisturizer on top. This step helps the skin stay moisturized throughout the day.


2. Eye Serum - 

Daily PM all around the eye area


3. Daily Routine

Moisturizer- Use daily AM after cleaning and under makeup


3. Facial Peeling

Facial Peeling – Massage gently on your skin once a week PM on dry, clean face/ chest/ back of hands.

Massage in a circular motion for 20 seconds, and rinse with warm water or remove with cotton balls. Follow treatment with Cream/ Serum.


4. Heating Mask

Step 1 – Thermal Mask - *Use treatment after cleaning your skin.

Apply a thin layer of the Mask on a clean face (fine lines/ expression marks/ T-Zone)

Treatment is recommended once or twice a month or as needed - Leave on for 1 min.


Step 2- Serum Activator - Mix a few drops of the serum on top of the Mask to create a heating effect!

Keep massaging for one minute, leave for ten more minutes, and remove with a dry cloth or cotton ball. 

Step 3 - Cream - Apply on the treated areas.


5. Opatra Infra-Red Light Medical Device

Please watch the Guidance Video here:



For additional information: www.opatra.com to learn how to use your new Opatra devices.

➢ *Please register your device online at opatra.com/register within seven business days from the original purchase date using your “Transaction ID” number on your receipt.

This will activate your Manufacturer’s Warranty.



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